Elemental Spring Detox Masterclass | Daphne & Claudia | Glow Yogastudio Haarlem

datum: zondag 23 april 2017

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Elemental Spring Detox Masterclass | Daphne  Claudia | Glow Yogastudio Haarlem

Celebrating spring means celebrating Prana, the life energy that moves through us and allows us to express and manifest ourselves.

This Elemental Spring Detox Masterclass will leave you energized and ready for a new cylce; the cylce of creation and manifestation of your ideas and plans.

Claudia and Daphne will guide you through a fluid yet powerful vinyasa flow sequence that will help you to let go of old energy to create space for the new. Using the cleansing quality of water and the purifying quality of fire will allow you to let go and set your intention for the months to come. Cleansing breathing techniques and a juicy playlist will support this process.

Get ready for a powerful, rejuvenating vinyasa sequence, that will leave you refreshed and ready to express and manifest.

Date & Time: Sunday 23 April, 10:30-13:00
Teacher: Daphne Koken & Claudia van der Tier
Language: English / Dutch
Price: 25 euro for Glow members, 30 for non-Glow members

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