Clash of The Kings - Beatles vs Rolling Stones | The Wolfhound - Irish bar & kitchen

datum: woensdag 26 april 2017

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Clash of The Kings - Beatles vs Rolling Stones | The Wolfhound - Irish bar  kitchen

For decades people have had discussions in pubs all around the world. The Rock & Roll Crusades started in 60's and escalated with the arrival of easy internet access.
Now it's time to answer the eternal question!!!
Who are, have always been and will ever be, the true Kings of Rock & Roll?! John or Mick? Keith or Paul? Ringo or Starr? You can help us decide!

Our faith to bring balance and peace in pop culture is in the hands of 6 boys from Haarlem town, calling themselves "The Kings" (We know it's doesn't sound like great idea, but they’re the only ones brave enough).
We've got Jeroen van Waarden on vocals, commonly known as the big guy from Idols, he sings and stuff, accompanied by his partner in crime & guitarist Thijs Huijbens, specialised in Keith Richards imitations. George Harrison is resurrected as wonderboy Bas Phaff, but don’t tell him, it makes him a little nervous. We’ve got bass in this place from Noach Meged, with moves like Jagger, and drumming going on from Kevin Smal, he’s like the Ringo of it all. Everyone’s favourite skinny guy Willem Abelen plays the occasional saxophone solo, in his own special way.

This Night of the Kings, or Kings Night if you will, is gonna be legendary. Great food and this dark beer you all know and love. Don’t be a square, be there.


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